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At Ink Brow Bar, we believe in the power of precision and the allure of perfection. Our comprehensive training program goes beyond the basics, offering a sophisticated curriculum that delves into the intricacies of brow artistry and the finesse of lip blush techniques.

Ink Brow Bar takes pride in fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Our commitment to individualized attention ensures that each participant receives personalized feedback and guidance. Unleash your creativity and refine your skills under the mentorship of industry leaders, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling career in the world of beauty.

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Precision Brow + Lip Mapping:


Master the art of precise brow/lip mapping techniques to create symmetrical and customized eyebrow and lip shapes that enhance natural beauty.

Color Theory and Pigment Selection:


Understand the principles of color theory and how to select pigments that complement different skin tones for both brows and lips.

Client Consultation and Communication:


Hone your communication skills to conduct effective client consultations, understanding their preferences and addressing concerns.

Corrective Techniques:


Learn corrective techniques to address and enhance existing microblading or permanent makeup, providing solutions for uneven brows or color corrections.

Anatomy and Physiology:


Understand the anatomy and physiology of the skin, particularly in the brow and lip areas, to enhance your understanding of how various factors can affect the outcome of your procedures.

Advanced Tools and Equipment:


Familiarize yourself with the latest tools and equipment in the industry, including advancements in microblading pens, pigments, and other specialized instruments.


Small Intimate Training

Hands on Experience

Live Demonstration

Model Included


Private Training Available

Learn the unf#ckwithable techniques from an industry leader. With no experience needed, you’ll master the skills to start a profitable business in the permanent makeup industry. Included are a starter kit, machine, training supplies & materials, as well as lunch and refreshments. Upon competition, you’ll have access to full ongoing support and a completion certificate from Ink Brow Bar. 

POtential Income


Are you looking to support a students journey and get a FREE service done? Receive a FREE, expertly crafted Ombre Powder or Lip Blush treatment. Limited spots available – Please send us a photo of your brows/lips for more details on scheduling dates.




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community love

student Testimonials

I took Nikki’s private powder brow training and was blown away! I had been offering powder brows as a service for the past year and felt like I was lacking from my previous training. Nikki targeted exactly what I was struggling with and in a matter of HOURS I felt my technique was improved greatly. Nikki is super knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I walked out of the course feeling confident with powder brows. She gave me so many tips that has already made such a massive difference with my clients. Highly recommend her course. Thanks Nikki!!

Janelle Blore

I recently invested in the powder ombré cosmetic tattoo course lead by industry leaders Nikki and Michelle Tran. I highly recommend investing in training by both these experienced, caring and patient PMU artists, these boss babes take tattooing and learning very seriously. I feel so confident using my new machine provided in my course and have unlimited support from both Michelle and Nikki going forward. If you are looking to level up your brow game these are your girls! Thank you for teaching me your secrets I am so excited to continue my journey in the brow game and know I will crush it after everything you’ve taught me! Love you babes! Xo

Cherice Pulfer

Nikki is patient, professional, friendly and very accommodating. She was very patient when it came to “mapping out” my brow shape, which took extra long because my original shape was a bit tricky to work with and even out. Even when I kept asking for small adjustments, she worked with me patiently, and remained friendly and professional throughout the process. She was also great at responding to messages. I’ve recently done my touch-up appt, and I’m very happy with the way my brows turned out. I’ve gotten several compliments on my brows and am very pleased with the results. Thanks, Nikki!


Vancouver Permanent Makeup Artist

Request Remote Training

Why hoard all the love in Vancouver? There’s enough of my technical love to go around. Shoot me a message to inquire about booking a training abroad. 

Are you a business owner in the beauty industry? The government is offering grants that cover up to 80% of your tuition costs for upgrades in the beauty industry. Give us a call at 778-895-2535 to learn more.

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